Riverside Job
 This job involves the installation of a waterline appoximately 400 feet from the front yard to the water in the backyard and an additional 240 feet to the end of the pier.  Using a trenching machine the schedule 40 pvc pipe will be installed 18 to 24 inches in the ground and then covered back up with little or no mess left behind.
The trench in the back yard
A view from the pier
The trench disappears into the frontyard
The team hard at work
Keith connects  into the water main
Mark hard at work
Finished water main connection
The backflow is completed
Now that the water line has been installed the length of the front and back yard, our next step is to run our pvc pipe under the pier and connect three spigot.
Running the pipe under the pier
Preparing to run the pipe
Attaching the spigots
Another spigot
Finished Products